Data Structures Course Lecture Notes

Prepared by:
Prof. Robert C. Holte
314 MacDonald Hall, University of Ottawa
562-5800 ext. 6678

Dr. Denys Duchier

These notes are used for two courses at the University of Ottawa (CSI-2114 and CSI-2301) and the course T26 at the Institute for Government Informatics Professionals (IGIP). CSI-2301 and T26 go through the notes cover to cover in 12 3-hour lectures. CSI-2114 covers all the material except chapters 2 and 3, B-trees and hash tables, in 12 2-hour lectures.

The course material is almost entirely independent of a particular programming language, but the concepts are best learned by implementing and using them. C happens to be the programming language used in the notes, but at the University of Ottawa the courses actually use Pascal for instruction and assignments.